Account Name

Bank Audi
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Product Rate

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Benefits CHIP based technology for the highest level of security 100% Cash Withdrawal Limit ** Line of credit up to EGP 7,999 Travel Accident and Medical Emergency insurance up to USD 100,000* for tickets purchased using the card Purchase protection insurance up to USD 1,500 for items purchased using the card * For full option cards only ** With a maximum withdrawal amount of USD 1,000 monthly outside Egypt. E-services SMS Alert e-Statement Pull SMS Pin Self Selection Auto Debit


This is a great card for your first steps towards financial independence. It gives you the power to buy small everyday things or make bigger purchases in life.




Utility Bill Commercial register (In case of self employed) HR letter Valid ID / Passport Recent 3 months Personal Bank statements CD certificate (other bank liability holder program) Copy of the original contract of Property(Property Program) Pledge form(secured Program)




Application Fees: --- EGP

One Time Fees: --- EGP

Monthly Fees: --- EGP

Annule Fees: 200 EGP

Interest Rate

2.66 %


Cash Back

Min Card Limit

3,000 EGP

Max Card Limit

7,999 EGP

Max Amount To Annual Income

999,999,999 Times

Max Installment To Net Monthly Income

35 %

Min Age

21 Years

Max Age

60 Years

Min Net Monthly Income

5,000 EGP

Max Net Monthly Income

999,999 EGP

Employment Status

Salaried Self-employed Un-employed

Business Type

Doctor Engineering Consultant Lawyer Accountant Other

Employer Type

Multinational Local Private Public Sector Government

Processing Time

10 Days