Account Name

Bank Audi
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Product Rate

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BBenefits CHIP based technology for the highest level of security 100% Cash Withdrawal Limit ** Line of credit up to EGP 200,000 IAPA Card: discounts at many hotels and car rental companies* 2 IAPA bag guard cards*- Luggage insurance 1 Priority Pass: VIP lounge access to 600 airports worldwide (USD 30/visit/person)* Travel Accident and Medical Emergency insurance up to USD 100,000* for tickets purchased using the card Purchase protection insurance up to USD 1,500* for items purchased using the card * For full option cards only ** With a maximum withdrawal amount of USD 1,200 monthly outside Egypt. E-services SMS Alert e-Statement Pull SMS Pin Self Selection Auto Debit


This card offers you all the facilities of a Silver card with additional benefits and a superior purchasing power. You'll enjoy the prestige of having a Gold card and value the convenience of holding one.




Utility Bill Commercial register (In case of self employed) HR letter Valid ID / Passport Recent 3 months Personal Bank statements CD certificate (other bank liability holder program) Copy of the original contract of Property(Property Program) Pledge form(secured Program)




Application Fees: --- EGP

One Time Fees: --- EGP

Monthly Fees: --- EGP

Annule Fees: 350 for full option EGP

Interest Rate

31.92 %


Cash Back

Min Card Limit

8,000 EGP

Max Card Limit

200,000 EGP

Max Amount To Annual Income

1 Times

Max Installment To Net Monthly Income

35 %

Min Age

21 Years

Max Age

60 Years

Min Net Monthly Income

5,000 EGP

Max Net Monthly Income

999,999 EGP

Employment Status

Salaried Self-employed Un-employed

Business Type

Doctor Engineering Consultant Lawyer Accountant Other

Employer Type

Multinational Local Private Public Sector Government

Processing Time

10 Days