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LOGIC Training and HR Development

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LOGIC Training and HR Development




General Career Development

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  • Price: 3,500 (EGP) - Price Including Material
  • Days Per week : 1 Days
  • Lecture Duration: 8:00 Hours
  • Class Time: Morning
  • Start time: 09:00 AM
  • End time: 05:00 PM
  • Accredited by: Logic Training and HR Development


What’s Unique??
It doesn't’t matter what your character is; shy, quiet, nervy, impatient. In the training room, you leave all that aside and ACT AS A TRAINER. In the EnterTrainer, you don’t only learn how to deliver a program, but you also learn how to act it out; EnterTraining your participants. Key Learnings:
The EnterTrainer will teach you how to act as a trainer in the training room. It will show you the latest methodologies used in trainings, and most importantly you will get a glimpse of the LOGIC way of training.
In the EnterTrainer, You will learn how to train while entertain.

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Program Content: The art of EnterTraining is based on two main pillars that potential trainers will get to learn and experience:
1.The Script: The art of organizing the material in a sequence, structure and logic that makes the learning experience interesting & memorable. 2.The Rehearsal: You will learn how award winning actors capture their audience. It’s the talent of delivering in an engaging, absorbing way.  I.The Script:
  a.Know your audience.
   i.4 Adult Learning Principles.
   ii.Training Errors.   b.The Script Model
   vi.Case-studies   c.Getting Learners to Remember
   iii.Advance Organizers
   iv.Image-rich comparisons
   vi.Memory-Aids   II.The Rehearsal:
    a.Types of Trainers     b.Keep it upbeat :
     i. Body Language
     ii.Tone of Voice     c. Don’t make them flip the channel
     i.Using analogies
     ii.Story telling
     iii.Acting it out
     iv.Use the audience
     v.Fatal mistakes     d. Handling the “critics”
     i. Types of participants
     ii.Judging the mood
     iii.Handling questions
     iv.Coping with hostility    e.The End
     i.Closing techniques
LOGIC Methodology: After acquiring and practicing the necessary knowledge and skills of being an effective trainer, participants will deliver their first training session. Every individual will be given an assignment to prepare within a maximum of one week, where they will be evaluated according to certain criteria:  -Content flow
 -Presentation style
 -Knowledge Transfer
 -Delivery style
 -Handling Audience LOGIC’s Master Trainer will give written and verbal feedback to each participant on his/her ability in delivering an EnterTraining session. Target Audience: The EnterTrainer is for anyone in need to train his/her team or others on any material, skill or knowledge.

Terms & Conditions

1.Kindly note that the confirmation will only be finalized after the participant(S) fills in the online registration form.
2.Cancellation Policy:
   a) Cancellation prior to 7 working days of the course starting date, the client shall not incur any fees.
   b) Cancelation within less than 5 working days of the course starting date, the client shall incur 100% of the course fees.
   c) In case LOGIC cancels or postpones a course, the client is entitled to a full refund of the course fees, or can opt to reschedule with LOGIC.

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