The service provider is the party responsible for offering the service. It can be a: Bank, Mobile Operator, Internet Provider, or Travel Agent.

To compare between services, you should: . Select industry type from the top menu (Ex: Banking, Broadband, Mobile, or Travel). . Choose Service type (Ex: Personal Loan, Credit Card, or Saving Account). . Enter details for quick search or click "Advanced Search" for more detailed comparison.

After comparing between services, you can apply for a service by clicking "Apply Now" or "Subscribe Now" or "Buy Now" in any comparison page. You can choose between several ways to apply for that service: . You can request a call back from the service provider . Or you can apply directly through the service provider's website . Or you can locate the nearest branch for that provider if you prefer to go and apply in person.

To view and manage your account and profile details, you can click on "Account" located at the top right side of the website. In Accounts, you can update your personal details, preferences, and view all your previous activity on the website.

If you register on qarenhom.com, you will get faster access to our services and apply more easily to any service. To register, click on "Register" at the top right side of the website and fill in all required details. You can login to your account by clicking "Login" from the top.

You can only rate services that you've previously applied for through qarenhom.com. To rate a service, go to your Account page and you can see a list of all products you applied for previously. Click on "rate now" to submit a detailed rating for this service.

In this website we help you gain more general knowledge about all the services you need. To learn more knowledge about a specific service, click the "Learn" tab at the top menu and choose the product you're interested in. We will show you helpful tips and information on how to compare and apply for this service.

After requesting a call back, the service provider should contact you within 48 working hours. If he didn't contact you, please go to your "Account" page and follow these steps: . Scroll down to the activity section to see a list of services you previously applied for. . Find the service you applied for but didn't get a call back from the provider yet. . Click on "Resend call request". . We will send another call back request for your provider and he should try to contact you again within 48 working hours.

To contact a service provider regarding a service enquiry: . Click on "Partners" to locate the service provider page where you will find an email address for that provider.

You can read the terms and conditions for using all services on this website here: Terms of Services

You can compare between several types of services including: banking, broadband, mobile, and travel.

To know the required documents and eligibility for application, click on "Learn More" on any service comparison page. This detailed service page will show you a list of the features, eligibility, and required documents for the service your interested in.

The service provider should contact you within 48 working hours to proceed with your application request.

To use the budget calculator, you should use the slider to enter the following:
. Your net monthly income
. Your monthly expense
. Your monthly liabilities 
. Press "Calculate"
. We will provide you with a summary of your monthly budget and provide you with recommended financial services that you should consider applying for.

To locate a nearby branch for your selected service provider, click "APPLY NOW" or "SUBSCRIBE NOW" or "BUY NOW" on any comparison page. . Select "Find Near Branch" to apply. . Then choose the city of your location and find the branch nearest you. . Go to the branch and apply for your service in person.