China -Two entries - 6 months (5335 Views)


China -Two entries - 6 months
China -Two entries - 6 months
  • Price : 1,050 (EGP)



Required Documents

Valid passportfor 6 months  + HR letter + bank statement + Commercial registration + tax card In the case of a new passport (2015, 2016, 2017), a movement certificate is required from the Liberation Complex - in case of travel for the first time the bank account statement is 40.000 or more - 6 months and is required to be stamped and issued within 10 days Important Notes :-  All advertised prices are available for  Egyptian nationality only and not valid for any other nationality.  Passport must be valid  for 12 months.  If the visa is refused or not obtained, this is done by the embassy and for a reason related to the customer and payment is nonrefundable .  The advertised prices require obtaining a confirmed flight or hotel booking through us .   medical insurance is available for all countries